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[Two Tone]
I was lost till he found me
and although he confound me
by his horseshoe is where I know he is cute
yes I know he's not a thinker
and his brain full of danger
but one thing I know that I love him magically
after every moment of contact
I know we fight
but one thing that we will
never die
facing Cruella, Horace, and Jasper
I'll never feel blue
as long that I'm floating with you

I saw her and no other
I still live with my mother
when I spotted her cute little eyes
yes my skills are too clumsy
and I watched too much TV
but that doesn't seperate us otherwise
I know that I'm adventurous
I know I save
but one thing that doesn't matter if we were old today
I know that it doesn't matter
if I can't stop loving you
as long that I'm floating with you

[Lucky and Two Tone]
Even though we're in deep here
and they might make us sleep here
it was you dear is where we both make our stand

[Two Tone]
I will fight and attack then

Knowing she had my back and

[Lucky and Two Tone]
All I need is your paws in hand and hand

[Two Tone]
Maybe I know that I'm saractic

I know you're sarcatic too

[Two Tone]
I know that I am softy

Well that is true

[Two Tone]

But one thing that I will not hold back

[Lucky and Two Tone]
Is how we won't meet our doom
as long I got through it
as long I can feel it
as long I can do it with you

The End.
Parody from Fairly Oddparents, but with 101 Dalmatians version.
Luckydearly1988 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2016
That's cute, dude. :)
TwoToneDearly Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2016
hehe cute ^^
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December 3, 2016


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